This is for the children

Short post today.
Basically, here is how you can keep you children safe.


Important, but it won’t help against the really bad bullies. Those that target adults as well.


But the same principles apply.


Here is the link:

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How to deal with bullies

Contrary to popular belief, it is *not* easy to deal with bullies in real life. The reasons for this are manifold, but it boils down to the fact that bullies tend to be very good at what they do. Why? Because they have so much practice doing it, while non-bullies are just trying to go about their life.

There is plenty of literature on this, and I leave the casual reader with this insightful piece as to why there are really no good options:

Let me not mince words: Bullying has probably always been with us, but it is completely unacceptable. I am quite sensitive to the issue, as I’ve never bullied anyone, but have been bullied plenty of times. Bullies do not respect the logical of reciprocal mutually beneficial action. They do it because they like it and because they can get away with it.

However, things might be changing. The recent case of the bullying of the internet monitor engenders hope. Transparency is an absolute defense (and even can make the victim more than whole, at least in monetary terms):

This is likely just the beginning.

But the internet giveth (as above) and taketh away (as in the dignity of countless online victims). There has been an explosion of online “virtual” bullying, perpetrated by cowards hiding in the shadows of anonymity. The effective remedy is the same in both cases: Public shame.

The curative effects of exposure are necessary, health and just.

There is no legitimate place for wanton cruelty in this world. It is time to rebalance the scales.

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Hello World

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Internet Bully Watch.

The past decade has seen the emergence of a new online culture. In particular, we saw the internet give rise to voices which would have had no platform before. What’s more, these voices are now able to share and exchange information in real time. Finally, people can speak freely and without fear of repercussions on the web, if they so choose, as it is very hard to establish identities.  While most of these developments are to be welcomed as enriching the culture, , there also has been a quite nasty and undesirable downside.

In short, there are people who have been abusing these privileges. People who use the anonymity of the web to malign people who don’t have the luxury of cowardly hiding behind a pseudonym. This is perhaps not surprising, as plenty of research has firmly established that anonymity unleashes antisocial and competitive behavior, while the lack thereof tends to foster cooperative exchanges. In this case, rapid sharing enables people to create a virtual mob of bullies to spread their venom.

This is unacceptable, as plenty of good people have come to grief over this hateful practice.

The realities of the web are such that it is unlikely to be changed in a top-down fashion. Yet, real people and causes are at a distinct disadvantage in the current system. Thus, this blog is aimed at providing the necessary balance. Two can play this game. Firmly believing that incentives can change behavior and make people come to their senses, we embark on our mission.

Bullies: I’m watching you. Be mindful of this.

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